Excuse me…

Pardon…May I for a moment. Simply for a moment. COmment on that space inside. The sweet spot we go to when all is. All is in one frame. Picture perfect and true. It’s always there. Always there for me and you. The sweet spot. Feel it? Go to it. In every moment. As each moment is THE moment to breathe into it. Deepen it. And feel its truth. Go ahead. Look for it now. Bet its there.

Follow Your Beautiful Light Within…& WALK YOUR PATH!

It’s been a trying few weeks for me. Transition has entered my realm deeply and walking my path became more jaunting, unexpected, and entrenched with changing meanders. Though I’ve walked it knowing that the shine is within. Not in my wallet, my clothes, home, car or the many other material things that I’ve been trained to think are valuable. It’s within. The shine within each of us is within. It’s the desire for light that we breathe in and out throughout our days. It’s the joy we yearn for. The wish to create. It’s right at the heart center. Where it is and always will be. The video below reminded me of this. If you wish, desire, yearn or feel know that you are human. Follow the light within and NEVER, EVER let anything (not even your own fear) dare impede you on your path. It is yours and yours alone to walk. Walk it with love, truth & the dignity of your humanity.


Catch The Moments

Earlier today I was driving back from teaching my Tuesday evening class. From the minute I entered the car my mind drifted. It was focused enough to drive safely but the thoughts were more on my likes and dislikes of how the class had turned out. The class theme was diving in to find the Pure Potentiality within. Where do we stop ourselves before even trying? How do we prevent ourselves from accomplishing something new?

There were little words that I felt could have been brought in & others that could have been left out. Other minor things that filled my mind. And even though most students left the class asking for my flier (with my teaching location info), with smiles, & offering thank yous…I still found the time to find the negatives of my class. Yes it’s true…I admit it world…yoga teachers think negative thoughts too.

And then I hit the apple orchard on the way home. The sky was clear & clouds were beautifully floating off in the distance. I looked behind me. Saw no cars and stopped. Then I drove slowly up the hill. No cars, no persons, no judgment, no thoughts… just the clouds. I snapped a pic (the pic above is a limited representation of what I saw) and sped up to get myself home.

For a few moments, I’d forgotten the negatives. The judgment. The I could haves & why didn’t I’s. All that existed in my mind in that moment was space. A space that allowed me to be in awe of the beauty ahead. That is yoga. Letting the mind clear to appreciate & sit in each moment. Without regard for the clouds of doubt we create in our heads. Instead, appreciating each moment for the beauty & sweetness that is.

Catch the moments! Each one is intriguing & new. Focus on the current one, clear the mind & let yourself be in awe.

Every Day Was A Challenge.

As a teenager, I once shared with one of my sisters that I believe “everyday is a challenge”. She laughed at me & said that I “sound like the village idiot”.

For many years I felt that way (not like the village idiot but that living was a challenge) but didn’t fully understand why. Why does everything in life seem like a challenge? Why does living seem so hard? This is how I looked at life then. A difficult task that presents a challenge at every corner. Life felt like a difficult burden to carry. One that I hadn’t chosen but would be stuck with enduring.

When the practice of yoga came into my life I began looking at it as a challenge as well. Each experience was a battle in the war of yoga. A battle between my body & mind. Another being fought between negativity & positivity as I searched for the answer to my reoccurring question. Do I run from my mat or do I stay & fight. Will I win or fail?

Until one day a yoga teacher said “let go”. “Let go?!” I thought to myself. LET GO?!…& in the next moment…I did. My entire body softened into the posture. My mind began feeling the posture rather than judging or analyzing it. My breath became a nourishing flow rather than a warrior’s fire. I let go.

Soon after that practice I began to realize that my days & activities didn’t feel like battles anymore. Nor did I feel at war with my circumstances or self. It became clear that everyday is more of an opportunity than a challenge. Each moment filled with the chances to see, feel, notice, & become aware.

Looking back on that comment to my sister it’s clear that everyday was a challenge for me. Challenging because I was creating an inner fight rather than letting go. Analyzing & judging each experience rather than…well experiencing. In a way my sister was right. I was creating a war & pushing where neither were neccesary. Now I breathe, am aware and when life feels like a challenge…I LET GO.

Where can you let go? How can you soften deeper into the moment? Learn, Educate, Repeat!

Remembering to Breathe

I recently returned from a month long intensive training in India. The 2nd day home I found myself still feeling sick after a nasty fight with a cold & VERY jet lagged. My immediate mental response was to rush & push myself into getting caught up on work. Desire to get as many things done as possible burned inside me as I yearned to push through the cold symptoms & lack of sleep.

This time though I took a different route on my path to normalcy. A route that years ago would have felt nearly impossible. I surrendered to the circumstances before me & focused on breathing. Each moment that my mind revved & craved speeding things up I’d focus on my breathing & letting go to the workings of the universe.

Today I feel back to full health & deeply accomplished. Much progress has been made in my personal/business matters & I didn’t spend the past week stressed over crossing an imagined finish line. In having avoided the stress I’ve been able to enjoy my transition time & I think I even cut my recovery time down by a few days.

Thanks to breath for always being there & to God for the reminder to enjoy each flow.

P.S. Thanks to NB for inspiring this post.

Learn, Educate, Repeat!