Cliché Alert in…3…2…1…the past few weeks have “felt like a roller coaster ride” for me. So much change has occurred in such a short amount of time and I’ve felt that I can barely catch up. I haven’t even integrated all the life changes I’ve experienced over the past few years let alone the past month!

From touring the US as a performer and youth worker under an independent record label, to going into business on my own and being a Hudson Valley yoga teacher. Now I work in an office as a Youth Outreach Specialist am teaching much less public classes and more private/semi private sessions. I’m doing my best to settle into these changes like sitting in a recliner after a long day. Taking my time to find the riiiiiggghht spot.

In my years of life I’ve learned that change is constant and that to attempt resistance is energetically wasteful and foolish.

With this knowledge in hand I’ve treated each change of experience as a transitioning Yoga posture in the Vinyasa class of my life. I let the breath guide me and allow my to body follow. I feel each movement and avoid predicting what’s next. I let go and let my Self be taken wherever it wishes to be carried. In allowing for the opportunities that each transition provides me I open myself up to a new level of opening, clearing and experience. I’ve learned not to resist these transitions because if I do I’ll end up missing out, preventing life’s true course and stunting a growth that is inevitable. And like in a Vinyasa class I let myself flow knowing that eventually I’ll find myself in the sweet surrender of savasana. A place where all of my work and truth can manifest in and outside of myself.

That’s all change really is! Transitions and flows that allow me to embrace and enter my true Self. Also known as bliss.

Onward with the only real constant in existence…change!

Couple’s Yoga & Optional Wine Tasting!

Couples Yoga with Juan Carlos at The Roundhouse At Beacon Falls
2 East Main Street | Beacon | NY | 12508

couples yogaCelebrate the month of LOVE with a FRIEND or Loved one at
The Roundhouse with Juan Carlos Piñeiro Moyet.

Sunday, February 17th 
$30 per person (non-members)

$25 per person (members)

Come explore with your friend or a loved one by practicing a mixture of Kripalu & Partner Yoga, couple focused meditation, & Kripalu Communication techniques such as co/reflective listening & conscious communication.
Kripalu Yoga is a transformational practice that embraces & builds awareness to the mind, body & spirit through non-judgmental compassionate self-awareness.

Wine tasting 5:30-6:30pm
add on $30 per person  

After class drift on down to our restaurant, Swift where our wine expert, David will lead through a wine tasting. The perfect end to a Valentine’s weekend. 

About Juan Carlos

juan carlos

CYT-Juan Carlos (Latin) Piñeiro Moyet is a 200-hour Kripalu Yoga & 500-hour Sacred Lasya Vinyasa instructor that has also trained in Meditation & Kundalini Yoga among other traditions. He encourages his students to cultivate their own inner teacher & practice nonjudgmental, compassionate, self-awareness. Infusing positive energy with music, humor, poetry & on occasion voluntary group dance Juan Carlos creates a fun, safe space to de-stress the mind & strengthen the body.

Schedule Changes

Greetings & Blessings,

I have officially been employed as the Youth Outreach Specialist for Independent Living Inc. An amazing Not-for Profit organization dedicated to creating “a barrier-free society with opportunities for all persons to achieve their maximum potential.” Due to this fact, as of 2/4/13 I will be cutting a number of public Yoga classes from my schedule. I’ll continue to teach private, semi-private sessions, workshops and 4 public classes a week.

For more info on my new schedule click the link below…

For more info on Independent Living Inc. click the link below…

With Love & Energy, Juan Carlos

IL Middletown Office


We are all creators! It is our birth right. In fact, our birth is in itself a creation and thus a manifestation of that which we are destined to manifest…creation. Create on in 2013! Against the negative thoughts, against the odds and against all the others that merely yearn to prevent your purpose as they are fearful of their own. Create and live as life in itself is creation and to truly live is to intentionally create.


Listen…and then listen some more.

For a few weeks now I’ve been reading Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff. I read one of its short chapters every few days and set an intention to work on a particular teaching.

Today’s chapter was…Let Others Have The Glory. I’ve noticed in many conversations over the past few weeks that we as a people generally don’t allow much time to LISTEN. We hear, share, hear, share, hear and share some more.

For the next few days…as you gather with family, friends, co-workers and others…take the time to listen. REALLY LISTEN. When someone shares with you, rather than saying “OH WOW ME TOO” & then go on about yourself…listen…perhaps even add a nice “Tell me more”. You may be surprised at how much more enjoyable and relaxing the conversation ends up being. This is not to say don’t share all. Its simply a suggestion to build up one of the most powerful and most lacking skills of our time.


Where will I be on FRIDAY mornings?


 I hope you enjoyed a wonderfully spectacular Thanksgiving. I know, I know. It’s a holiday that was created specifically to encourage shopping. But it doesn’t have to be that. For me it’s always a time to gather with family (I exclude the terms friends or neighbors because to me they’re all part of the same family) to share, laugh, listen, and be thankful for the bounty of being alive. There are so many that do not have (Check out Pic below) why not be thankful for having. As a matter of fact, use the holiday as reminder to be thankful for the daily blessings as well. Like RUNNING WATER, FOOD, CLOTHES, TECHNOLOGY, etc.

 On to something really fun… I have a new class offering Class Offering (Yoga Bembé) that will be available on Friday mornings (December) at Sportsplex Gym in New Windsor. Be sure to read the following description to know more about how getting your dance on with yoga will not only be fun but also an excellent physical experience. 

Yoga Bembé

Get ready to move & have fun in a JUDGEMENT FREE zone! This class will have your mind focused, body moving & spirit soaring. Classes start out with with a centering, yoga postures and breathing exercises. Once the body is warm and mind focused the dancing, dynamic movements, latin dancing, group games, jokes and above all fun takes over. Guidance will be offered for movements of the body as awareness is brought to music, the breath & rising thoughts. These classes ranges from gentle to moderate as you dive into the experience at your own pace.




I’m finally back on here. WOW! I know I know…Been a wild few months filled with flow, change & my trying to figure out how to best work this blog and other social media. Its all under control now. I’ll be updating this blog with any schedule changes, thoughts, writings, readings, etc. etc. etc. that may come to mind. I look forward to reading your thoughts and to knowing that the sharing is taking place.

Be well and filled with the joy of a newborn!

Juan Carlos