Juan-Carlos Piñeiro is an Educator, Performing Artist, Motivational Speaker, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Mindfulness/Personal Development Coach that has spent more than 15 years researching, developing, and facilitating experiences that utilize artistic expression as a tool for self-cultivation and psychosocial development among diverse populations.

He holds an Associate’s Degree in Humanities and Social Science from SUNY Orange, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Black Studies and focuses in both Women’s and Caribbean Studies from SUNY New Paltz along with a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology with a Specialization in Spiritual Psychology and a Concentration in Transpersonal Eco-Psychology from Sofia University’s Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Additionally, he is the current Assistant Director of Student Involvement for Leadership and Multi-Cultural Programs and a First Year Seminar Professor at Westchester Community College, an Applied Psychology Professor at SUNY Orange and a 2017 Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Fellow (within a nationally recognized association of higher ed. professionals) who was tasked with the research, development and implementation of co-curricular student development programs to meet the needs of diverse audiences in an inclusive manner.

Juan-Carlos encourages his students, readers and listeners to cultivate their own inner teacher & practice nonjudgmental, compassionate self-awareness throughout their own individual journeys. Infusing positive energy and inspiration he uses music, humor, storytelling and poetry to create a fun, and safe space to de-stress the mind, strengthen the body and connect to spirit.

Stay Awesome and Amazing Always,
M.A.T.P., C.Y.T. Juan-Carlos (Latin) Piñeiro
Mi gente! Tambien hablo español.


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